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Comments of persons who used Braccialetto Milly

  • In May, I bought the Milly Bracelet for my 3.5 year old son because of the finger sucking issue and we solved all his problems by means of the chocolate therapy. Two months after (I would say even earlier, but we did not want to take any risk) the method was already working!

    Even our dentist was surprised. He had suggested me a device with some kind of sting, if you ask me, an instrument of torture, but he believed that his method was the final solution…

    As far as it seems, the Milly Bracelet is the final solution!

    He then began to move his tongue up and down and this way managed to pronounce various letters and now only the “r” is missing (but this is the most difficult).

    I am the happiest person in the world!

    G. F.

  • This year, in January, I bought the bracelet for my eight year old son.
    My son had always been sucking his thumb since he was born. Under the observation of the speech therapist for specific speaking disturbances, the finger-sucking became constant, day and night.

    I put the Milly Bracelet on his finger and after one month he stopped!

    I am very grateful to you and I hope this treatment will become more widely spread.  Non one knew how to help me find a solution and I happen to find you on the Internet. I provided all materials to the rehabilitation centre that observes my son. Thank you!

    L. N.

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